Linux Migrations and Lifecycle

There is a significant transition away from running proprietary Unix platforms, driven by the relatively high cost of software and hardware, compared to open source systems.  If you are running HP-UX, AIX, Solaris or other UNIX, Q-Technologies can assist you to migrate your environment to Linux.  This will result in a significant reduction in OS software licensing and support costs, as well as the opportunity to move towards lower cost commodity hardware, virtualization or Cloud solutions.  Q-Technologies can provide the strategic advice, as well as the roadmap to effect the transformation you require.

Effective lifecycle management involves undertaking discovery to determine the software levels across your environment, as well as deploying a number of tools to ensure consistent and repeatable lifecycle process and automation.  

Configuration Management/Process Automation

The ability to build and manage your servers and IT environment using configuration tools such as Puppet, provides consistency and certainty to your IT processes.  It reduces the risk of human error and reliance on system administrators, who can instead apply their time to being more responsive to the needs of the business, as well as investing in the technologies of tomorrow.

Process automation provides a framework of rules and guidelines which must be followed to effectively support and maintain an IT environment.  The desire of both the IT Manager and the business is for IT infrastructure to be managed in a way that reduces the risk of critical failures and downtime, both of which can impact business profitability and productivity.  Q-Technologies has extensive experience in implementing tools and developing processes which reduce the IT risk to business performance, whilst providing the ability for improved productivity and employee utilisation.


Complex Problem Resolution

Busy IT departments often have little time for investigating or troubleshooting intermittent or adhoc IT problems.   In many cases, IT issues are multi-faceted, making it difficult to isolate causes.  In addition, they often manifest themselves across silo-ed IT teams, requiring a cross-functional approach, which is time-consuming and difficult to achieve.  This is where Q-Technologies can be engaged to provide a 'big picture' perspective to your IT problems, and apply a methodical and structured approach to resolution.  The multi-step method includes:

  • Discovery – an investigation that undertakes to collect data and evidence from systems, as well as IT and business staff
  • Cause analysis – a high level overview of the causes of the issues.  Where possible, data will be provided as evidence indicating the source/s of the problem.  It is important that the customer remains informed throughout the discovery and cause analysis stages.
  • Recommendations – before any time is invested on the resolution, recommendations will be made as to the steps involved. 
  • Rectification – this is led by the customer, and may involve Q-Technologies in full, in part or not at all.


IT Strategy Development

IT investment involves significant upfront and ongoing maintenance costs, and decisions made today are difficult to reverse in the future if they are misdirected.  Q-Technologies has consultants that are knowledgeable about the latest technologies, and experienced to craft an IT solution that will be flexible to grow with your business as well as the evolving IT landscape.


In addition, Q-Technologies recognizes that IT strategy is not just about IT systems and processes, but that it should be an enabler to allow your business to run more profitability and productively.  Whether you need a five year plan which overlays the technology maps and key investments, or just a simplified overview to assist you in your decision-making, Q-Technologies can provide documentation for both.


Factors that we consider when advising customers include:

  • Security
  • Scalability of systems for business growth
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Transformation – a pathway for your platform
  • Cost and return on investment (ROI) – there needs to be a valuated business case which justifies the change.


IT Architecture

IT Architecture is a critical step in putting an IT business system in place.  It will help determine the full implementation cost, how long it will take before being ready for the business and will uncover risks and synergies. 

We are skilled in understanding how diverse IT systems need to interact.  This includes designing the data models, the information flows and the infrastructure sizing and configuration.  We will work with you and the solution vendors to make sure the solution is implemented to meet the business need.  Depending on your requirements, we are able to provide various levels of detail in the documentation and present the designs to the stakeholders.  If a full design is not required, we can provide technical guidance to help you design the solution yourself.

We can also deliver technical road-maps, taking your IT strategy and working with you to determine which technology should be selected in the coming years to meet the strategy requirements.

IT Architecture Transformation – Virtualisation and Cloud

Any major decision to change your IT infrastructure, such as moving to an open source operating system, also needs to consider the evolution from physical servers, to a virtualized or Cloud environment.  Q-Technologies provides the enterprise-level experience and specialized skills required to develop a strategic roadmap that will ensure your IT systems and architecture are integrated and scalable, positioned to drive and support your business growth.  Q-Technologies partners can provide virtualization and Cloud solutions,  whether private, public or hybrid, as well as access to the latest hardware at competitive prices.  If it is just information and guidance that you require, then Q-Technologies can provide a report which details your current environment and constraints, as well as supporting evidence to recommend a range of alternatives.  These recommendations are driven by your business needs, cost and maximizing your return on investment.


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